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Container handler

Konecranes offers container handlers for handling contents from 8 to 11 tonnes, with single or double stacking, for much more than just handling contents. It is necessary to detect the load and adjust the load capacity on the load. They can lift 8 containers of height thanks to the large mast. Fewer pipes and cables are regulated to a minimum to reduce maintenance costs and maximize uptime. A smart forklift with heart, these forklifts deliver maximum power only when needed, reducing fuel consumption.

Power, performance and reliability
Konecranes forklifts are manufactured with care, craftsmanship and the latest smart technology. The power, performance and reliability of every Konecranes forklift rely on three elements at the heart of our technology: a strong chassis, an efficient load-sensing hydraulic system and intelligent electronic machine control. We are always working on new services and technologies.

Robust box-style chassis
Our box-type chassis is the strongest on the market. It is made up of four welded steel plates forming a closed box. Compared to a conventional forklift chassis, it features twice the torsional rigidity and higher strength, less stress and deformation, higher lifting capacity without reduction at high lifting heights and strong mounting brackets. tilt in the frame and mast.

In addition, during maintenance, this structure helps keep the engine compartment clean and clear to avoid the accumulation of dirt and oil thanks to its flat surface, reducing the risk of fire due to accumulated grease.

Efficient hydraulic system depending on the load
Our trucks are equipped with a hydraulic system capable of detecting the load and adjusting the lifting capacity according to the weight of the load. The forklift only delivers maximum power when really needed, consumes less fuel and reduces emissions and noise.

Maintenance intervals are longer (4,000 to 12,000 hours); components wear less, helping to reduce total cost of ownership.

Intelligent Electronic Machine Control (EMC) and Remote Monitoring TRUCONNECT
Our electronic machine control system, EMC Master, monitors vital forklift components and functions. The settings are programmable according to your needs. It can be linked to Konecranes’ TRUCONNECT remote monitoring and reporting system (Basic, Premium, Premium+ subscription packages are available).

Additionally, CanBus technology increases engine and transmission reliability.


A driver’s dream

  • An ergonomic cabin designed for the operator with a wide and unobstructed view.
  • Technical information on color display with touch control.
  • Less noise and vibration thanks to the best insulated cabin available on the market.
  • The technology removes distractions to keep the operator focused.

Konecranes empty container handlers are available in 11 models, with lifting heights from 3 to 8 containers, capacities from 8 to 11 tonnes, with single or double container spreader.

Contact us for more information and technical specifications.

Loaded containers must be moved with the right balance between efficiency and precision within the container handling process. Konecranes loaded container forklifts offer a high overall operating speed (lifting + lowering + travel speed). The ratio of lifting capacity to size and length of the truck is the best in its class. Our heavy-duty top loaders are very stable yet compact.

Konecranes full container handlers are available from 26 to 45 tons of capacity and lifting heights from 3 to 6 containers high.

Please contact us for more information and technical specifications.

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